Pack a Zero Waste Lunch Reduce your food waste at home, save money, and reduce waste by packing zero waste lunches.
Plan Zero Waste Events Using SWACO’s Zero Waste Event Guide, learn what steps you can take to make your event Zero-Waste.
Container Loan Program SWACO offers a container loan program, through which you can borrow trash, recycling, and compost containers for your event, free of charge.

Start a Food Alert System

Everyone loves free food. By setting up designated spaces for "Up for Grabs" food and establishing an email alert when there are significant amounts of meeting leftovers or items to share we can reduce food waste and build community by sharing.

Organize Food Waste Awareness Events

This guide from the Rockefeller Foundation features ideas for food waste events including instituting company-wide Food Waste Days and Food Waste Reduction volunteer opportunities for your team.
Volunteer with a Food Rescue Organization

Food Donation


Guide to Workplace Composting Learn about the simple steps you can take to smoothly implement a compost program in your workplace.
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Connect With Local Food Scrap Haulers Click on “Show Resources” to see local haulers.
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Meet with Cafeteria Food Service Providers For many large workspaces, external food service providers control the largest source of office food waste - the cafeteria. Work with your provider to agree on accomplishable goals for food waste diversion, especially when negotiating contract renewal or when seeking a new service provider.

The Compost Exchange

The Compost Exchange is a central Ohio food scrap hauling company that works with residents, schools, and small businesses.

GOZERO Services

GoZERO Services collects food scraps from a wide variety of customers including schools, communities and businesses.


Organix specializes in providing service to commercial customers across 50 states.

Compost Clubhouse

Compost Clubhouse is an organization that empowers kids to educate and inspire in our communities with the goal of keeping food out of our landfills.
Did you know? Each person in Central Ohio requires an area of land larger than a basketball court to grow the food that they throw away each year.

Share The Campaign Start a Conversation with Colleagues

At your next team meeting, use Save More Than Food’s easily customizable food waste presentation slides to start a conversation about what your organization can do to help reduce food waste.

Share The Campaign