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There are many ways to reduce food waste- and different approaches will work best in different settings. Go to the Make a Difference page that best fits where you can reduce food waste and learn how you can take action today. Here are a few of the ways that you can make a difference no matter where you are:

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Shop Smart Whether you are buying food for your family or buying food for your restaurant’s weekend rush, you can save money and prevent food waste by ordering the right amount. Learn how!
Measure Your Food Waste Taking a little extra time to understand what food is going to waste lets you change your purchasing habits and save money. Find the tools you need to get started.
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Store Food Properly Knowing the proper way to store your food will make it last longer. From industrial kitchens to office refrigerators, the right storage can be the difference between a fresh meal and a lost one.
Practice Rescue Measures There are things you can do to rescue food before it goes bad- like freezing meals, or remaking old dishes into a new exciting recipe to help them get used up quickly. Find fun recipes and rescue tips.
Support Food Donation For every meal missed by Central Ohio residents, three potential meals are sent to the landfill. Learn how you can help get excess food to your neighbors in need.
Recycle Food Scraps Our food requires nutrients from the soil to make it healthy and delicious. Composting and feeding food scraps to animals supports our future crops and keeps food out of landfills. Find partners in Central Ohio who can help you get started.
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Learn What You Can Do to Help Reduce Food Waste

Did you know? Each person in Central Ohio requires an area of land larger than a basketball court to grow the food that they throw away each year.

Share the Campaign Help Friends and Colleagues Get Started

Download and Print the Save More Than Food brochure to help raise awareness about food waste and point friends and colleagues to steps they can take today to make a difference.

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Did you know? Wasted Food costs Central Ohio communities an estimated $400 million every year. That’s $24 million each month and $1.1 million every day.

The Quiz Test Your Food Waste Knowledge with the Save More Than Food Quiz

Reducing your food waste is all about understanding the value of your food and taking small steps every day to reduce waste. Take our food waste quiz to test your knowledge of the resources that go into your food and the small changes that you can make every day to make a difference in our community.

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