October 17, 2022

Compost Your Pumpkins and Gourds With SWACO

The time of year for leftover Halloween and Thanksgiving pumpkins is officially upon us. Often, these items get tossed in the landfill, which creates unnecessary food waste and wastes natural resources like energy, land, and water. 

Did you know that 41 billion gallons of water are used every year to grow and make food that is never eaten in our community? Central Ohio partners are working together to change that.  

Make a difference this fall when you drop off your harvest vegetables, like pumpkins and gourds at one of these participating pumpkin and gourd collection locations: 

  • City of Columbus: Nov. 1 – 30 (Monday – Friday) at the Division of Refuse Collection, 2100 Alum Creek Drive, between 8 am and 3 pm (excluding Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day). 
  • Dublin: Oct. 17 – Dec. 9 at the Dublin Service Center, 6555 Shier Rings Road.  
  • Grandview: Oct. 29 – Nov. 11 at 1525 Goodale Boulevard (next to the food waste drop-off)
  • Grove City: Oct. 31 – Nov. 27 at Fryer Park, 3899 Orders Rd. 
  • Hilliard: Oct. 28 – Dec. 2 at 3770 Municipal Way (next to the food waste drop-off)  
  • New Albany: Nov. 1 – Dec. 2 at New Albany Public Service, 7800 Bevelhymer Road. 
  • Upper Arlington: Oct. 29 – Dec. 18 at Fancyburg Park, 3375 Kioka Avenue.  
  • Westerville: through Nov 30 at 370 Park Meadow Road
  • The City of Bexley also invites residents participating in the curbside food waste pick-up program, to leave pumpkins at the curb on food waste collection days. 

Intact and decaying pumpkins, carved jack-o’-lanterns and gourds are all accepted. Please remove candles and avoid dropping off pumpkins that have been painted or drawn on with permanent markers.  

Happy composting!